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Mr LEE Kam-kwong

Principal Assistant Secretary (School Development),
Education Bureau
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Mr LEE Kam-kwong is the Principal Assistant Secretary (School Development) of Education Bureau (EDB). He oversees and directs school development work and enforcement of rules and regulations undertaken by Regional Education Offices as well as steers the effective delivery of quality education services in respect of, among others, Life Planning Education (LPE) in schools. 


Through systematic LPE, Mr LEE considers students are able to identify their own interests, abilities and orientations at an earlier stage. He believes that setting clear goals enables students to have a clear direction. Students could achieve progress and gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction through continuous learning, evaluation and review. By participating in diversified career exploration activities, students can learn more about multiple pathways for future academic and career pursuits. 


The EDB has strengthened the support for schools in implementing LPE, including the provision of additional resources/manpower, enhancement of teacher professional training, ongoing promotion of the Business-School Partnership Programme (BSPP), establishment of district development networks, development of online resources, etc.  Significant progress is noted in terms of the growth of business partnership established with over 400 BSPP partners in arranging over 7 400 activities with more than 1250000 student participants since the 2014/15 school year.

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