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Welcome Speech

Ms Winnie YING 
Head of Charities (Children and Youth Development) 
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Opening Address

Officiating Guest:

Mr LEE Kam-kwong
Principal Assistant Secretary (School Development), Education Bureau
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Opening Ceremony


"Students' future —What future?"

Career Planning: Questions to Answer
Since the launch of Career Planning in 2015, it has become a programme in every school. It begs several questions. What is career? Is career about jobs? Is career planning targeting at particular jobs? Then, what are jobs like in the future? How possible is such targeting? Career planning tends to start with students’ interests. How much of such interests is innate?  How much is developed over time? After all, what are there beyond career that have to be prepared? How would early focus on careers matter?
Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Kai-ming CHENG
Professor Emeritus
The University of Hong Kong
Responded by
Dr Stephen Yam Wing YIP
Director (Schools), CLAP@JC
Co-director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
The Education University of Hong Kong



Story Session 1
Building good life planning education: Visible school policy matters

In this session, the two sharing schools will illustrate in what ways they make the CLD policy visible and channel strategically to different stakeholders to gain their buy-ins and supports, under BM1 (A Stable and Visible Career and Life Development Policy) and BM2 (Professional Competencies and Leadership). Speakers will also share how school senior management team authorizes and supports the planning, implementation and evaluation career and life development (CLD) programmes as strategic part of the whole school development plan. The senior management will also share how to equip the Career team with core competences with distributed leadership to lead and implement the full spectrum of CLD programmes in school.
Speakers :
Case 1 :
Principal Sze Wang CHENG
Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School
Ms Yuk Ying WONG
Career Mistress
Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School
Case 2:
Ms Florence Fung Ling LEE
Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College
Ms Man Ching SO
Career Mistress
Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College



Story Session 2
Infusing career elements across the school curriculum

This session will illustrate how school infused CLD elements into subject learning and related timetabled lessons to enhance the connections between curriculum and CLD and the development of relevant CLD competences. Examples will be drawn from two schools such as "Life Planning in the 21st century: an integrative English curriculum", "Developing entrepreneurship skills across curriculum", "Life education and subject infusion".

Speakers :

Mr Paris Kin Man LAU
Assistant Principal
CCC Kung Lee College
Mr William Wai Lam NG
Panel Head of English Department
CCC Kung Lee College
Career Master
PHC Wing Kwong College
Ms Suet Yung WAN
“Life and Society” & Career Teacher
PHC Wing Kwong College
Ms Wai Man WONG
English & Career Teacher
PHC Wing Kwong College

Lunch Break


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Story Session 3
Connecting student-focused programmes to create an interwoven school-based CLD programme

This story-sharing session will show in what way schools deliver practices on CLD programmes with reference to BM3 (Learning from Multiple Pathways Information), BM4 (Address the Needs of Each Student), BM5 (Student Engagement and Co-creation) and BM6 (Personal Guidance for Developing Career Roadmaps) for support students to plan their career roadmaps, addressing student diversity, and facilitating personal guidance.

Speakers :

Ms Iris Yuk Shan NG
Career Mistress
ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School

Mr Kit Lun WU
Life Planning and Careers Master
HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School



Story Session 4
Strengthening students’ learning reflection through career-related experiential activities

This story session will illustrate how schools design and implement their school-based CLD-related experiential learning activities under the HKBM for different levels of learners to develop their interests/ aspirations, and enrich their learning and reflection.

Speakers :

Mr Stephen Chun Yat LI
Life-wide Learning Team Coordinator
DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School

Mrs Irene Lee Hoi Yan KWOK
Vice Principal / Life Planning Coordinator
United Christian College (Kowloon East)



Story Session 5 (Students are welcomed to register)
Cultivating good environment for promoting student co-creation and engagement in CLD

This story session will illustrate how schools establish and foster an enabling environment to facilitate students to become active CLD provision co-creators and their own pathway creators under the guidance of BM5 (Student Engagement and Co-creation).The two sharing schools will share how student career counsellors being cultivated as co-creators of the school-based CLD programmes and how they take the lead to mobilize joint-effort from alumni and peers to contribute in the CLD programmes as well as in their own pathway development.
Speakers :
Mr Kwok Yin LAM
Career Master
Queen’s College
Ms Yuk Ping KU
Career Mistress
Queen’s College
Mr Chi Keung LAW
Career Teacher
Queen’s College
Ms Kit Mui SIN
Career Teacher
St Paul’s School (Lam Tin)
Ms Iris Long Ting FUNG
Career Counsellor
St Paul’s School (Lam Tin)

Rania Wing Yi NG
St Paul’s School (Lam Tin)
Maggie Sze Sze CAI
St Paul’s School (Lam Tin)



Story Session 6
HKBM as a catalytic process for schools’ betterment of CLD education

In what way could HKBM add values to CLD education in secondary schools? This panel discussion session presents how different schools made good use of HKBM in the context of CLAP@JC project (e.g., framework, critical friends and enriched resources) to build good school-based CLD education that lays a good foundation for youngsters in the 21st century to face school-to-work transition. The session is particularly suitable for those who are interested to join CLAP@JC in future cohorts.


Mr Lai Kwong WU
Career Master
CCC Kei Chi Secondary School

Mr Cheuk Hin CHOU
Career Life Planning Committee Head
The Hong Kong Taoist Association Ching Chung Secondary School

Mr Tak Kay WONG
Career Master
Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School

Ms Brenda Shun Ning FUNG
Man Kwan Pak Kau College
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